YMCA Community Services (YCS) is a branch of the YMCA of Orange County, which provides services to members of the Orange County community that focus on emotional health and well-being. We support children, youth, and adults with special needs to promote skill-building, social opportunities, and a safe place for loved ones to know that while they are working, their child or adult with special needs is well cared for. In addition to special needs services, YCS is invested in all populations, from families with young children to older adults.

Expectant Parents & Healthy Babies Program: Strategies for Emotional Wellness

Becoming a parent is one of life’s greatest joys and hardest jobs. With all the love, cuddles, laughter, and special moments come some major life changes.

Our program offers a series of 5 sessions for pregnant parents to come, learn from a specialist, meet other parents and build community.

Each session will cover:

Postpartum Depression

• Managing Relationships

• Taking Care of Yourself

• Your role when the baby arrives

• And more.

Classes are offered in the community at various locations and are available in English & Spanish.


Classes are held every Tuesday from 6-7:30 PM (no class on 11/22/22 or 12/20/22)
To Sign Up or Learn More call: 714-508-7643 or Click Here! 


  • Education on baby blues vs. Postpartum Depression
  • Importance of emotional health for parents & infants
  • Identifying the support you want at home and in the community
  • Self-care
  • Dealing with emotional and family changes after the birth of the baby
  • Importance of social support
  • Receiving support after the birth of the baby
  • Communication with your partner to support your family
  • Supports and barriers to effective communication
  • Self-care reinforcement
  • Goal setting for after the birth of your baby
  • Partner/support person concerns
    What partners should know about Postpartum Depression & Baby Blues Supporting the postpartum parent

With your permission, we will check in with you via a phone call after the birth of your baby.


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New Horizons

The New Horizons program provides safe and supervised recreational outings in the community that offers social interaction, skill-building, and life-long friendships for adults with disabilities.


Our Inclusion program provides services to families and children with, but not limited to: developmental and learning disabilities, sensory challenges, epilepsy, autism, ADHD, emotional disturbance, as well as assist with self-care (diapering, feeding, etc.) if needed.


Lee Lombardo, LCSW
YCS Associate Executive Director

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Alicia Diaz
New Horizons Program Director

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Danyel McQuinn
Inclusion Program Director

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Disability is a natural part of the human experience that does not diminish the rights of individuals with developmental disabilities to live independently, to exert control and choice over their own lives, and to fully participate in and contribute to their communities through full integration and inclusion in the economic, political, social, cultural, and educational mainstream of United States Society.
 – Americans with Disabilities Act