As we close out another year, I am in awe of what our organization has done. As the pandemic continues and new changes occur each day, our team continues to rally, support, and lean on each other for the greater good. We have a remarkable group of individuals who have done remarkable things.  We are proud of what we have accomplished and as you can see by the statistics below we have done more than even we imagined in this challenging time. But the overwhelming response of gratitude from the community tells us much more than any number could.

The lessons we have learned and the confidence we have gained during the pandemic have provided the impetus we will now use to grow this organization for the immediate future and beyond. Our strength lies in our ability to listen, pivot, respond, and collaborate. Our staff and volunteers, representing all different political spectrums and backgrounds, are dedicated to always doing the right thing, no matter the sacrifice. Good things come with a price—and organizations must decide what their priority is. For the YMCA of Orange County, our first priority is always doing the right thing, no matter the cost. We look forward to 2022 with hope and excitement. 


Jeff McBride, YMCA of Orange County CEO

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Red Triangle $25,000 +
Bluebird Legacy, Inc. 
Dave & Pat Lamb
Paine Webber
Sally Peterson
The Crean Foundation


FOUNDER $10,000 +

Adventure Guides – Rainbow Sky Expedition
Adventure Guides – Rising Son Expedition
Adventure Guides – Sunshine Expedition
Confidence Foundation, Greg Custer, Whittier Trust Company
Jeff & Lori McBride

John H. Grace
Kaiser Aluminum Fabricated Products, LLC
Lexus Pursuit of Potential Dealer Matching Funds
Lynn E. Aldis Trust
Pacific Life Foundation
PEMA Southern California Chapter
Sean & Tammy Peasley
Sgt. Mark Antonowitsch Foundation
Stephen Knott
Tony & Erin Spriggs

PATRON $5,000 +

Adventure Guides – Big Thunder Spirit Expedition
Adventure Guides – Mighty Wilderness Expedition
Alliance Resource Group
Capital Group
City of Newport Beach
Creative Package McKahan
David Bahnsen
Evangelical Christian Credit Union
Jamie Pirritano
Jess Meyers
John Rochford
Judy Atwell
Junko Klaus
Patrick Family

Richard Felling
SDGE, A Sempra Energy Utility
Simpson Chevrolet
Snyder Langston

Susan Bharvani
Tetsu Tanimoto
The Gabriel Foundation
United Connect Services
Waste Management Inc.; West


A Little Help Foundation Fund
Active Captive Management LLC
Anaheim Ducks Hockey Club, LLC
Ann Worthington
Applied Medical
Argyros Family Foundation
BMT & Associates
Chet Ossowski
Chris & Christine Salas
Don Saulic
Empirical Wealth Management/Charles Scwhab

Hoag Memorial Hospital Presbyterian
James Johansen
Jay & Jeanice Scott
John Patterson & The OC Auto Team
Juliette Meunier & Tim Cannon

Kevin and Dolores Daly
Minh Hoang
MJW Investments LLC
Muller Family Foundation
Prange Family

Richard Franks
Scott McGregor
Tivity Health
Versity Invest
Viele and Sons
Whole Foods Market Community Giving Program
Yorba Linda Sunrise Rotary Club Foundation

MEMBER $1,000 +

Adventure Guides – Soaring Spirit Expedition
Adventure Guides – Friendly Shining Spirit Expedition
Andrea Prabhu
Andrew Leet
Andrew Pang
Anna & Chad Romiti
Anna Warner
Bridgford Family Fund
Bright Funds Foundation
Caliber Collision
Charles Wert
Chet Harrison
Ching Yeen Linda NG
Chris Appel
Chris Higgins
Coral Thrift Shop, Inc.
Crystal Immerman
Dale Braun
Diane Buchanan
Dicks Sporting Goods Foundation
Dorain Cassell
Emery Family
Eva Voydat
Giving Fund at Charles Schwab
Gwenn Preston
Hall Seely
Helen Magpayo
In Memory of Kenny Wilson
InPower Global Insurance
Jean A. Whitt
Jennifer Heinen
Jennifer Jahnke
Jennifer Munro
Jim Stanley
John Botros
John Giovannone
John Marcon
John Neiman
John Vorwerk
Joseph Daruty
Josh Holmes
Lewis A. Kingsley Foundation
Lexus Financial Services
Light of Ashtar
Linda Mosher
Luis Regalado
Mariners Physical Therapy
Merced SDC
Mercy Commons
Michael Hahn
Michael Walseth
Michael Zundel
Nadine Sandeluss
Nancy Jackson
Orange County Southern Baptist Association
Patrick Lustig
Patrick Madden
Pete Maxwell
Richardson Family Charitable Fund
Rikki Bains
Robin Peterson
Ryan & Alyssa Fessler
Shannon Schroeder
Shannon Sciortino

Susan Maturino
Suzanne Espeseth
The Richard Homer Wagner Foundation
The Samueli Foundation
TJ & Rosanna Coveyou
Tom Ngo
Victoria Foley
Wendy Ronan
Woman’s Club of Fullerton